Your Definite Guide to Summer Nightlife in Duluth, MN

Summer nightlife in Duluth is full of colorful energy and the unique northern style. As the sun hides behind the waters of Lake Superior, you’ll see a vibrant glow fill the sky in Duluth, Minnesota. The city transforms into a playground of summer nightlife which is both cultural and fun.

From downtown’s bustling streets to the lively atmosphere of Canal Park. Duluth beckons visitors and locals alike to engage themselves in the nightlife of the city. Duluth’s summer nights are magical, with a tapestry of live music, electrifying festivals, and waterfront destinations.

If you’re in Duluth after dusk, don’t forget to check out these lively Duluth nightspots:

Rex Nightclub

Revel in the musical beats of Rex Nightclub, where the music is as infectious as a summertime sunburn. This vivacious Duluth hotspot at the bottom level of Fitger’s pulsates with energy and attracts the most enthusiastic individuals. Lose yourself on the dance floor or just sip a drink and watch the fun people.

Rex Nightclub will leave you begging for one more dance. Have the time of your life as the disco balls cast shadows on walls, and the DJ spins tracks that make you smile.

Fitger’s Luxury Lakefront Hotel

The Historic Fitger’s Lakefront Hotel is an iconic establishment that seamlessly blends the essence of luxury accommodation with the exhilaration of the city’s summer nightlife. The hotel’s meticulously restored architecture, with its ornate details and rich heritage, transports you to a historic era.

The hotel complexes vibrant bars and lounges become epicenters of socializing and celebration. Head to the Rathskeller, where craft cocktails and fine wines flow freely. Or, join the lively and friendly atmosphere of the Brewhouse, where the hotel’s signature beers are poured with pride. Every venue within Fitger’s offers a unique experience.

It’s also a gateway to the city’s vibrant entertainment scene and downtown area. You’ll discover many live music venues, theaters, and performance spaces within walking distance.

And when the night ends, Fitger’s Luxury Lakefront Hotel welcomes you back with open arms. Each guest room is a sanctuary offering plush amenities, breathtaking views, and a restful ambiance that rejuvenates the soul.

Duluth Tap Exchange

Experience a pint of uniqueness at the Duluth Tap Exchange, where craft beers flow like rivers in summer. The charming taproom is unlike anything you’ve ever witnessed. Visit the bar and see the impressive selection of beers on tap.

The Duluth Tap Exchange is the right spot for people who crave a cold one with a peculiar charm.

Pickwick Restaurant & Pub

A Duluth Classic –  Pickwick is where flavors collide to tantalize your taste buds. Savor the mouth-watering flavors and finish with a dessert that sings harmoniously with your sweet tooth.

The Pickwick carries with it the echoes of a bygone era. It was originally nestled within the walls of Fitger’s Brewery Company as the Old Saloon back in 1888.

This storied establishment instantly transports you to the Old World, surrounded by rich European-style woodwork, antique furniture, and beautiful painted canvases that have stood the test of time. You’ll marvel at the skillful chefs who concoct dishes with otherworldly deliciousness.

Players Sports Bar

Get ready to satiate your adrenaline junkie side at Players Sports Bar, where the spirits and the sports meet harmoniously.

The Sports Bar is an enthralling destination where you can cheer on your favorite team while sipping on your favorite beverages that perfectly complement the lively atmosphere. This place transcends the stereotypical sports bar expectation as it enthralls you with it’s unique vibe.

R T Quinlan’s Saloon

For more than 30 years, R T Quinlan’s Saloon has been offering tall pours from the tap at a fair price and a delightful surprise in the form of complimentary all-you-can-eat popcorn, a simple pairing that embodies the essence of this beloved establishment.

The real magic begins later when the clock strikes 9 PM on Friday and Saturday nights. The eclectic selection of music takes center stage.  Step into a realm of history adorned with eccentric décor and an old school feel, fascinating guests with intriguing tales from the long past.

Sir Benedicts Tavern

Situated at 805 E Superior St, Sir Benedicts Tavern is a testament to Duluth’s appreciation for tradition, community, and the pursuit of a memorable night out. The centerpiece of Sir Benedicts is its impressive selection of beers, boasting a lineup of over 20 brews on tap.

It has an ambiance reminiscent of traditional English pubs. With its wooden beams, rustic furnishings, and warm lighting, the tavern exudes an undeniable allure that compels people who want an authentic and memorable experience.

Sir Benedicts is classic pub – featuring regular live music performances, including Bluegrass and Celtic Jams. A rendezvous at Sir Benedicts will awaken your senses for the rest of the night.

Ursa Minor Brewing

Ursa Minor Brewing emerged onto the popular micro-brew scene with a resounding roar. The brewery became a gathering place for finely crafted beer lovers who love the friendliness of the Duluth community.

The menu boasts a tempting array of house-made pizzas, paninis, and a refreshing dessert pizza called Pesca Nonna.

On warmer nights, the outdoor patio becomes an oasis where laughter and stories rule. It is a place of entertainment and community, hosting a vibrant lineup of live and interactive events. Wednesdays are abuzz with live rounds of bingo and trivia, while weekends come alive with the soul-stirring sounds of local musicians who take the stage.

Wrapping Up

Duluth awakens with mesmerizing nightlife during these warm summer months. There is a rich and vibrant nightlife within the city.  The Fitger’s hotel is within walking distance of almost all of these attractions.  A stay at the Fitger’s Lakefront Hotel is the perfect launching point for a night out in Duluth, MN.