Enjoy the Holiday Season in Duluth at Fitger’s

Savor every minute of your holidays in Duluth with Fitger’s – our lakefront hotel offers you gourmet restaurants, impeccable services, an exceptional setting, and elegantly styled rooms overlooking the waters of Lake Superior.

Admire the stunning views from the comfort of your bed or your private balcony. The European-style architecture and design of the resort structures aim to create open spaces where you can relax at your Duluth holiday destination. The luxurious suites at Fitger’s Lakefront Hotel – each individually designed – offer the epitome of elegance in accommodation.

Enjoy Your Holidays in Duluth

Enjoy the dazzling Duluth holiday lights with us at Fitger’s this year. We strive to make your holidays in Duluth an unforgettable experience. With a unique design inspired by the grandeur of old Duluth, our hotel seamlessly combines elements of local tradition with modern style and amenities, offering guests the most luxurious experience during their holidays in Duluth.

Down to every last detail

Our excellent hotel staff strives to cater to every little need of our guests, making sure you experience true luxury. We love the luxury of the little things and the details that make a difference, like giving you the attention you deserve every day. Fitger’s luxury hotel has an important history, a story enriched in every detail of Duluth culture that we love to share with our guests.

In addition to our personalized services, a wide range of activities awaits to make your vacation a waking dream – walk on the long lakewalk right outside our door, relax in our luxury salon and spa, enjoy a luxury nightlife experience, and indulge in the winter with shopping sprees at the many stores in the Fitgers Complex.

Redefining Luxury in Duluth

Luxurious bathrooms, king-size beds and Egyptian cotton sheets do not seem to be enough anymore. Today, luxury is all about personalized experience – it begins and ends with making our guests feel special. At Fitger’s, we offer comfort and luxury with excellent personalized service and an atmosphere where guests can rest and relax while enjoying all the amenities we offer.

Fitger’s Luxury Hotel in Duluth

Fitger’s is a stunningly luxurious hotel and the perfect Duluth holiday destination. Built on the beautiful shore of Lake Superior in Duluth – the Fitger’s historic hotel offers guests a magical experience of personalized hospitality. The impressive aesthetics, the clear northern waters, luxurious environment and the state-of-the-art Salon and Spa will be the magic recipe of holidays in Duluth that you have always dreamed of.

A landmark of Architectural History

Duluth is a truly fascinating holiday destination with a long history, special geographical location and rich cultural tradition. Our magnificent hotel on the shores of Lake Superior is one of the oldest and most luxurious hotels in Duluth, MN. It offers a wonderful, relaxing atmosphere, elegant décor, spacious, sunny rooms and exclusive services that steal the hearts of all our guests.

If you’re looking for the best Duluth holiday destination, our luxury hotel is the right place. It has 4 restaurants for an unmatched dining experience, nightlife activities and many unique shops. Explore our historic brewery where our guests love to visit and endless amenities that makes your stay the most beautiful vacation you have experienced.

An Icon of Minnesotan Luxury

Guests can also enjoy delightful culinary creations at our restaurants right by the lake. Enjoy our unique cocktails while watching iron ore ships come into Duluth from Lake Superior.

Each suite has been created with the little needs of the guests in mind, offering them the privacy, serenity and impeccable service they deserve, without compromising on the elegance of the design.

The hotel is a mix of excellent services and facilities, luxurious amenities and European-style decor in a stunningly beautiful location. From delicious and refined food to spa and event facilities, the hotel provides everything a guest could want.

Fans of high-end gastronomy can indulge their palette with a menu from award-winning chefs and restaurants while families enjoy a moment of calm looking over the lake.

Beautiful Surroundings, Unforgettable Stays

The Fitgers Inn gives you an opportunity to admire our award-winning hotel. It’s a place especially loved by residents and visitors as all the attractions of the city are a stone’s throw from the hotel.

Feel the unique culture of Northern Minnesota realized in Duluth, listen to a concert downtown or a unique event at the DECC, or just relax and enjoy the sunset from your hotel balcony.

An Unforgettable Experience

Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway as a couple or planning holidays in Duluth with your family, Fitger’s offers a wide variety of rooms, from king size rooms to spacious suites.

Achieving the perfect balance between traditional architecture and modern styled decor, Fitger’s offer unforgettable holidays in Duluth that combines aesthetics with nature.

Experience the Exceptional

The rooms and suites at Fitger’s luxury hotel in Duluth come with king-size beds, air conditioning, wireless internet access, balconies on some rooms, spacious bathrooms, bathrobes, slippers, hairdryers and much more. These luxury amenities will definitely be an ideal holiday haven for you, your family and your friends.

The sense of privacy and tranquility, combined with the Minnesotan hospitality, exclusive facilities, personalized services, and luxurious suites make up for a perfect Duluth holiday destination.