They say every good day begins with a cappuccino, and there’s no better place to sip one than looking over the lake at the Fitger’s Lakefront Luxury Hotel in Duluth, MN.

When you ask your colleagues and friends “what is a luxury hotel?”, you’ll probably get different answers, ranging from a high-end spa, salon, and fine dining – along with all the luxuries you can imagine – to an excellent service and marvelous ambiance.

Today, luxury hospitality is more than just that. By 2022, two-thirds of luxury hospitality is expected to be experience-based, and luxury hotels must redefine to remain relevant. At Fitger’s Lakefront luxury hotel in Duluth, MN, we live by this statement and appreciate the finer things in life.

Today’s high-net-worth consumers, especially millennials, are “international, digital, and demanding.” They are not looking for products, but for memorable moments – experiences that are unique and exclusive. The luxury hotel industry is not only in the process of redefining itself, it’s also growing. Fitger’s is among the leading luxury hotels that remain at the forefront of hospitality innovation.

The Fitger’s Advantage

Fitger’s Lakefront Luxury Hotel is located in the heart of Duluth, Minnesota, offering a picturesque view of Lake Superior. We focus on facilitating an experience based on customer needs, privacy and exclusivity. Fitger’s has traditionally been recognized for its attention to detail and the incorporation of the most innovative trends into its portfolio of services. We are very clear that providing exclusive high-end services are essential to attract travelers and guests to the north shore.

At our luxury hotel in Duluth, MN, we focus on small things like caring for our guests and creating meaningful experiences for them. Here is what you can expect at Fitger’s Historic Lakefront Hotel in Duluth.


This is the constant challenge that many big hotel chains struggle with, but Fitger’s always have a personal touch to everything they offer. In response to our clients’ needs, we form a connection with them and get to know them personally.

Constant Innovation

A guest of a luxury hotel expects to be surprised, and for this reason, we constantly innovate by offering new services that provide a stay full of unique experiences, adventures and events.  To see what we are up to check out the events page on this site.

Exclusive Views

Fitger’s offer modern and exclusive spaces that would surprise even those who have tried almost everything. At Fitger’s, you deserve an unforgettable shopping spree, or a day at a high end salon with award-winning stylists at your service, relaxing spas, and a lot more to enjoy the best vacation ever.

A Unique Experience

We offer spaces as original as our very own historic brewery within the hotel itself. Enjoy a shopping mall within the Fitger’s Complex, and a world of cuisines at the Taste of Fitgers.  Also know that various restaurants within the complex are at your service. An unmatched gastronomy is always a fundamental part of our hospitality.

Fitger’s Loyalty

We are also differentiated by our sense of loyalty: the attention to detail, the memorization of customer preferences, personalized care, and much more! All these elements have a strong influence on our reputation in the hospitality sector and explain why our clients return regularly and recommend us to other potential guests.

Serving All Your Senses

The Fitger’s service menu includes a wide variety of foods and flavors to satisfy the most demanding palates in a totally innovative and healthy way, through its restaurants, nightlife, and barrel room.

Lavish Gastronomy

We offer a rich and quality gastronomic experience, focused on seasonal organic food following the latest foodie trends at the restaurants in the Fitger’s Brewery Complex. Fitger’s never stops creating events that awaken the senses, dedicated to providing unforgettable experiences.

Spacious Rooms

The rooms of a luxury hotel must be spacious so the guests can enjoy the most absolute and exclusive comfort. At Fitger’s we have large windows that offer the best views of the lake and a series of amenities that make the stay a delight. Also, many of our rooms include an elevated and incredible view of the Duluth skyline and North Shore.

A Seamless Booking Process

Luxury travelers, like the rest, are increasingly searching and booking hotels online. As we’ve seen before, they are more likely to choose direct book. The good news is that Fitger’s ensures that the booking process is as simply as possible with the right technology. Our online booking process allows travelers to enjoy their ideal stay at Duluth and make a direct reservation on our website. So, what are you waiting for? Book a perfect vacation in Duluth at Fitger’s luxury hotel at a price that you won’t find anywhere else.


Luxury services are no longer just a whim that 5-star guests can indulge in. Fitger’s have something for everyone, and we offer experiences to match the most demanding clients to make their stay more than just a place to spend the night. Brunches and massages, innovative beauty treatments and the most select traditional cuisines are just some of the exclusive services that you find in a Luxury Hotel in Duluth like Fitger’s Lakefront Hotel.