Whether you are on vacation or on a business trip, there is nothing better than spending your stay in a peaceful, calm and comfortable place. Why? Because the Fitger’s Lakefront hotel in Duluth, MN offers the best hotel packages to give you all the advantages and make your trip an unforgettable experience.

At the Fitger’s Historic Lakefront Hotel – elegance meets comfort. With stunning Lakefront views, Fitger’s is blessed with a unique design, a historic location, and luxurious hospitality for every guest. Live large and pick a hotel package for your interests.  Once you find something that interests you,  pack your bags and bring your appetite for upscale shopping and dining at its finest.

What kind of Hotel Packages?

Located on the shores of Lake Superior with an impressive Lakefront view, Fitger’s has many luxury hotel packages that help match our guests with the culture of the area. With hotel packages that suit a variety of interests and an amazing location right on the lakewalk, Fitger’s is hard to beat.  We also have an amazing spa and salon that provides luxury and relaxation at its best. There are many interesting activities available as well that can add a touch of spontaneity to the experience.

An Amazing Culture

The design of Fitger’s hotel is directly inspired by the rich culture of Lake Superior and incorporates many natural and historic materials from the area. The rooms and suites combine modern luxury with a familiar rustic décor inspired by the history of the region. All hotel accommodations are hosted by an amazing staff to provide a higher level of personalized service.

Traditional Hospitality

At Fitger’s, you will experience conventional Midwestern hospitality in a luxurious atmosphere. Our Hotel Packages in Duluth, MN are rated as one of our guests’ favorite things on Trustpilot. We have redefined the Duluth luxury hotel package and the whole experience is directly inspired by the rich character and history of the Duluth area.

Specials and Hotel Packages in Duluth, MN

Each one of the Fitger’s hotel packages is tailored to provide a unique experience.  For example, offering exclusive spa treatments along with a full-service hair and beauty salon.  For the dog lover’s out there check out the ‘Top Dog’ package that benefits charity and also gives you and your pup an amazing stay.  Another package for foodies Is the ‘Welcome Back to Dining’ hotel package which features dining credits at the Boat Club and a shopping credit for the complex.  Packages change all the time so keep an eye on the Specials and Packages page.

At Fitger’s, we redefine the meaning of luxury by offering an experience beyond your expectations. From salon and spa treatments to tourist excursions, your stay at Fitger’s comes with all the comforts of a luxury hotel and much more.

No matter what hotel package you go with, don’t forget the Fitgers Spa!  Spa services focus on the body, mind and spirit through a range of sophisticated treatments and beauty enhancement services. Our fully-equipped spa treatments feature a wide variety of natural ingredients will help you live a truly relaxing experience.

Unmatched Gastronomy

Explore our unbeatable gastronomic experiences ranging from high-level cuisine to a casual setting for enjoying a coffee, each with a menu inspired by the best. A great variety, prepared by experts, can be found in each unique bar or restaurant in the FItgers Complex. Check out our Specials and Packages page for new specials many of which include dining credits.

About the Fitger’s Inn

Our warm and elegant rooms offer you an ideal space of relaxed luxury – and many rooms have an elevated deck with lounge chairs. There is no lack of comfort here, we have top-of-the-line bathroom amenities, 24-hour room service and personalized services to serve you exclusively. It’s a whole new standard for all-inclusive vacations with our immersive hotel packages in Duluth, MN.

Incorporating historical elements and modern decor, our hotel packages offer you the unique spirit of the city while enjoying the maximum possible comfort. The Fitgers Complex has been around since 1885, offering exclusive gastronomy, uniquely styled suites, and spectacular natural views of Lake Superior.

Leisure and Adventure

Who doesn’t dream of a trip full of surprises and adventures even inside? The luxury hotel offers many leisure and entertainment activities. When it comes to entertainment, you’ll be spoiled for choice in the activities we offer because the Fitgers Complex is more than just a hotel.   When it’s time to rest from a day of fun, let us take care of you like a king and make you feel at home.

A better night’s sleep

A basic need that all hotels and places to stay must satisfy is restful sleep, but you would be surprised how many rental apartments and less expensive hotels fail in this regard, whether because of an old sagging mattress or a lack of air conditioning. On the other hand, Fitger’s hotel packages in Duluth, MN usually offer a wonderfully comfortable, but plush bed, good temperature control that works, and shades that make the bedroom pleasant and dark, even for naps in the middle of the day.


No matter what your interests are Fitgers has you covered!  With our historic complex situated right downtown on the lakewalk, excellent service and our hotel packages which are geared towards a variety of interests.  There is no reason not to check out the Fitger’s Inn – see you soon!