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Duluth Beer - It All Started Here

Fitger's Beer has been brewed in Duluth for over 150 years and is the original brewery in Duluth.  Fitger's was Duluth's first brewery and was started by Sidney Luce in 1857.


Fitger's Beer

It All Started Here.  The original  brewery in Duluth.

Fitger's Pale Ale

Made with 2 Row Barley, Crystal Malt Number 20, Wheat, Lake Superior Water, Chinook and Cluster Hops.

Hints of citrus on the nose follows with a nice balance between malts and hops on the palate. This medium to full bodies Pale Ale finishes with a touch of yeasty bread.

This is a very refreshing ale, great by itself or with many styles of food.

Duluth Beer

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Fitger's Beer History

Duluth Beer - It All Started Here!

Fitger's is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The brewery's industrial smokestack and water tower now carry the Fitger's name and star logo as regional landmarks.

Duluth First Taproom

Duluth's First Tap Room

Duluth Beer Brew Pot

Fitger's Copper Brew Kettle

Duluth Brewery

Original Cashier Cage

Duluth's first brewery was started by Sidney Luce in 1857. Luce built his brewery a block and a half from our present site, and utilized a small, clear brook which later was known as Brewery Creek. His brewery grew, and in 1881 Michael Fink purchased the brewery. Fink built a new, larger brewery on the present Fitger's site. Fink's Lake Superior Brewery soon hired a new brewmaster, a young German named August Fitger who graduated from one of Germany's premier brewing schools. Within the year, August Fitger owned half of the brewery. Then, in 1884, Percy Anneke bought into the brewery and became Fitger's partner. The brewery was renamed the A. Fitger & Co. / Lake Superior Brewery.

Beer production continued for forty years, until Prohibition (1920 -1933) changed matters for all breweries around the nation. Many went out of business. Fitger's stayed alive by turning out new products such as soda pop and candy bars. Candy lovers in Duluth during the "Roaring Twenties" enjoyed the Fitger's Flapper, the Fitger's Spark Plug, the Five Cent Fitger's Nut Goodie, the King Bee Nougat, and Fitger's Skookum . . . "A Bully Good Bar." Along with the candy bars, Fitger's cranked out case after case of Lovit Pop, a popular favorite on a hot summer's day down at Park Point.

After the repeal of Prohibition, Fitger's resumed brewing strong beer, and business boomed during the 1930's. Production was up to 100,000 barrels a year by 1940. During this time, the Brewery also produced Silver Spray Champagne, advertised as "The Best Mixer In A Crowd." The Beerhalter family purchased the Brewery in 1944, and operated if for the next quarter century. Fitger's Brewery closed its doors on September 30, 1972, ending 115 years of brewing on the shores of Lake Superior.

The Fitger's Brewery Complex was re-opened in September of 1984 with a 48 room hotel, two full service restaurants, and a retail center. In 1995, a group of prominent Duluth business people purchased the Complex, and continue as the driving force behind all positive improvements at Fitger's, which include the construction of fourteen luxury suites, new dining options, and the beautiful Lakewalk Access. The Fitger's Brewhouse is once again brewing beer on the premises. Self-guided tour maps of the Fitger's Brewery Complex are available throughout the Complex, and in the museum.