Before you consider staying in an AirBNB on your next visit to Duluth, let me show you why choosing a luxury hotel like Fitger’s Inn is a far better option.

Travelers on a budget often go for rentals, which can be cheaper, but they miss out on many benefits that luxury hotels offer over rentals. Sometimes, it’s just because they’re not even looking for these options. Here’s why you should choose a luxury hotel in Duluth over Airbnb rentals.

Luxury Hotel Packages Offer Best Value

Located on the shores of Lake Superior in Duluth, MN, Fitger’s Luxury Hotel offers something for every budget. If you travel frequently, you already know why attention to detail is important – the kind of detail even high-end Airbnb places can’t offer.

For example, Fitger’s not only offers a personalized welcome service for you but also provides experiences that you’ll never forget. You can enjoy the whole Fitger’s shopping, dining and luxury hotel experience if you are celebrating a honeymoon, anniversary or birthday.  As an example, plush bathrobes and slippers are provided at your bedside with a wonderful view of Lake Superior – something that is unlikely in a rented home or apartment.

While Airbnb rentals are really just a new place to put your stuff, a luxury hotel truly gives you an experience.  At Fitger’s, we take care of every little detail so you don’t have to. If the overall experience matters to you as a traveler, luxury hotels offer more value without any unpleasant surprises.

The Best Hospitality You Can Imagine

Luxury hotels like Fitger’s are quite rigorous in training and hiring their staff, particularly the staff that the guests interact with. Service can be a basic differentiator for guests, and renowned brands only rely on highly-trained people to meet your needs. For example, at Fitger’s Historic Lakefront Hotel, there is someone to assist you at all times, all you have to do is ask for it.  Ask yourself this: Does your rented apartment have a concierge?

Redefining Restful Sleep

The most important aspect of your stay is to rest.  Restful sleep goes a long way when you’re on a vacation, especially when you’re paying for it. It’s surprising to know how many Airbnb rentals fail to deliver this. Be it an old sagging mattress, a hard bed, a lack of air conditioning in summer, or noise from the neighborhood too early in the morning when you want to sleep, you never know what trouble you’re going to face.

At Fitger’s, every element of our elegantly designed suites and rooms has been added with this in mind. It’s a luxury hotel that usually offers a wonderfully supportive, comfortable plush bed, and excellent shades to keep your room dark and pleasant, even when you want to nap during the day.

Pick Your Room

If there’s anything at all that makes you want to stay in another room, be it a better view, a different room configuration, or just for better access, a luxury hotel offers a possibility to switch your suite. When you’re staying in a rented apartment, you’re almost always out of luck and this privilege is completely out of question. Staying in a room where you just can’t sleep is a perfect recipe to ruin your vacation. At Fitger’s, we do everything we can to move you to another suite or room whenever it is possible.

A Luxury Hotel Requires No Security Deposit

Many Airbnb apartments demand that you to pay security deposits, which are sometimes easy to lose to an unscrupulous owner even if your presence has only caused minor wear and tear. While it’s always important to care for the place you’re staying in, you’re unlikely to be held responsible for minor issues when you’re in a luxury hotel.

Luxury Hotel in Duluth Offers Unique Activities

While you might find beautiful landscapes and swimming pools in some high-end Airbnb rentals that are usually priced accordingly, what sets luxury hotels like Fitger’s apart are the unique activities and exposure to culture that they offer. For example, Fitger’s offers a unique tour to their historic brewery, an excellent gastronomic experience with their inhouse restaurants, high-end salon and spa services to relax, and shopping malls to get some retail therapy.

Spaces For Everyone

One interesting benefit for friends or families staying at Fitger’s hotel for a vacation in Duluth instead of an Airbnb rental is the variety of different venues it offers. You will keep busy enjoying our nightclubs or fine dining at one of our many restaurants. Like I said, we have something for everyone – at Fitger’s, we work hard to make this a reality for every guest.

Are you still wondering if you should choose Fitger’s in Duluth, MN for your next vacation over an Airbnb rental? Consider the price you’re paying by comparing the services each offers and make an informed decision, and don’t forget to explore the amazing things Fitger’s has to offer by browsing our website!