When it comes to luxury lakefront hotels, most people first think of incredibly expensive hotels that only celebrities and rich people visit. However, an overnight stay in a luxury lakefront hotel in Duluth can be more affordable than you think – especially if you can combine it with additional benefits!

When you think of luxury hotels, you think of a grandeur that hardly anyone experiences in their daily life. Accordingly, many also think that as a normal wage earner you can never afford a stay in a luxury hotel. However, that is absolutely wrong. With the right hotel, you can not only sleep in a luxury lakefront hotel for a great value, but also benefit from the extensive advantages that a hotel like Fitger’s in Duluth offers!

In this post, we will show you how you can live the dream of a real luxury experience in the best lakefront hotels in Duluth for an unbeatable price.

Why not a budget hotel?

Most of you probably still think that other budget places will be cheaper. That’s certainly true, because a budget hotel or a motel will always cost less than a full-fledged luxury hotel. However, the experience you get there is pretty budget too! While you do save some money, you miss out on most of what Fitger’s has to offer – a luxury lakefront hotel experience in Duluth.

On the other hand, when it comes to luxury hotels, you benefit from some unbelievable advantages that look enormous when compared to the costs. For instance, The Fitger’s Inn in Duluth offers you the following benefits:

  • Amazing views of the shore of Lake Superior
  • An unmatched shopping experience and an excellent historical hotel in the same complex
  • The most peaceful relaxation and sleep experience ever
  • Unique and personalized VIP guest services
  • Luxury Salon and Spa right on the premises!
  • An onsite brewery, two restaurants and an adventurous nightlife
  • And much more!

If you think about it a little bit, the Fitger’s Inn offers a lot of value. So, if you book a room in the Fitger’s lakefront hotel in Duluth you won’t be disappointed. For longer stays or business travel feel free to talk to the manager as we may have promotions. All other benefits apply daily and for the entire stay, but you get a much better deal compared to booking a budget hotel. Here are some of the services you can expect at a luxury hotel.

Excellent Room Service

Room service is the first hotel service essential to any hotel that cares about the quality of its service. It allows the guests to stock up on anything they might miss, as well as anything they may want from or brought up to their room – you have staff at your disposal for each service. For example, you can get room service for your breakfast or a delightful snack delivered right to your room.

Luxury Restaurant Experience

Are there restaurants in the complex? Yes there are!  Food is an important point for hotels, and some guests wish to receive a full service stay. The dining experience you get at the restaurants in the complex include both casual and sophisticated cuisines, whatever you are in the mood for. There is the Brewhouse right outside our door and for a more formal dining experience – try the Boat Club.

Activities for Travelers

Guests are generally unfamiliar with the area surrounding the hotel. They are often interested in finding good places. A tourist guide that many luxury hotels offer is available right in our lobby. Also, feel free to ask our concierge for advice, they will surely let you know that the famous Canal Park area is right down the Lakewalk from the Fitgers Complex.

Spa Services & Unique Experiences

What could be better than a spa treatment with a massage session to relax you? Well, it is an experience that most luxury hotels offer you during your stay. Check out the Fitger’s Spa which is right in the complex!  You can also cool off right next to Lake Superior on the patio by the Lakewalk or get a view of the ships coming into the harbor from the Boat Club Restaurant.

Deluxe Rooms

In the hotel industry, being a renowned hotel among the stars requires certain standards. A luxury hotel must have at least 6 bedrooms. Each room must have a real bathroom with a bath, shower and private toilet. As for the equipment, each room must have air conditioning, a printer, a computer, a safe, a mini-bar, a fax machine, a telephone, internet access and a television.

A View of the Lake

The surrounding landscape and the view at this luxury hotel offer an unforgettable experience. The lakewalk is literally right out our door and Canal Park is well within walking distance. At Fitger’s, you get a scenic lakefront view in a historic boutique hotel on the shores of Lake Superior that could make your trip more amazing than ever.

What can I expect in a real luxury hotel?

Anyone who has never been to a luxury lakefront hotel may ask: Can I even fit in there? A simple answer would be yes, you can! A hotel of this category is usually a little different from a budget hotel, but in principle you always feel at home as a guest. That is there because of their personal service that adapts exactly to the guest. Regardless of the service, you can usually expect large, modern rooms. It offers every imaginable luxury from the bed with high-quality bed linen to fluffy bathrobes and TV to the coffee machine in the room.

The vast majority of luxury hotels naturally offer a lot more than just room and breakfast. The complex also includes an extensive range of upscale shopping opportunities. For example, check out this website to see all the retail stores that are right in the complex and easy to walk to.

Another aspect that you don’t get with budget hotels is room service. Room service in itself is a real luxury experience. Regardless of whether you are traveling on business or just want to spend a weekend in another city, the Fitger’s Inn offers a very high level of comfort and is also guaranteed to ensure a great trip. You can save yourself the stress of a budget hotel and instead enjoy the highest level of comfort.  If you stay in our luxury lakefront hotel in Duluth on your next trip, we promise you that the stay alone will make the trip special!


We think that luxury hotels should be available to everyone at a fair price and this article shows you exactly how this works. We ourselves have seen luxury hotels all over the world and and believe you should look for value rather than price shopping.  The Fitger’s Inn is a very good value. Of course, the budget hotel with no frills will always be cheaper – but who wants that?  At the Fitger’s Inn in Duluth, we are committed to making luxury accessible to everyone.