Would you like to spend a luxurious vacation in Duluth and have a really good time? A classy boutique hotel might just be the perfect getaway for you. The Fitger’s Inn, which is a historical place with a small boutique feel embodies peace, calm, comfort, and relaxation. This historical hotel has been serving Duluth’s guests and people since 1885 with individually styled suites, exclusive gastronomy, and a spectacular view of Lake Superior right out your window!

Resorts can be fun, but sometimes choosing a more intimate setting is all you need. If you’ve never stayed in a boutique hotel, you are missing out on a great experience. Here’s some of what Fitger’s offers:

Personalized Level of Service

With only 62 uniquely styled rooms, our staff treats every guest like a king.  We also have our very own micro-brewery and wine cellar right in the complex.  For those interested in luxury, the Fitgers Salon lets you indulge that too.  Don’t be surprised if you are called by name when you return in the evening or served by the same waiter who remembers you in the lower level restaurant. For those who enjoy the more personalized experience of a smaller boutique hotel, Fitger’s is an unmatched choice.

We listen to what our guests have to say and understand what they want.  We take guest satisfaction very seriously and care deeply for their concerns. With meticulous attention to detail, respect for our guests’ privacy, and a distinctive touch of luxury.  The Fitger’s Inn is a boutique hotel that is ready to give you an experience that you will always remember.

History and Cultural Style

When you stay at large chain resorts, it may look and feel precisely the same almost every time. Our specialty is that we are not just a place to sleep, we offer a chic, historical, and unique atmosphere. Reflecting the exquisite character of Duluth, we offer our guests a cultural experience perfect for those looking to escape and immerse themselves in a north shore adventure. Quality furnishings, georgeous views and exclusive services are just a few elements that characterize our luxurious boutique hotel.

The Fitger’s Inn is highly oriented to design and aesthetic appearances.  With different types of rooms that all have something unique to offer -we offer a variety of options for your stay with style and décor that preserve our artistic heritage and original architecture.

Technology Meets Luxury at Fitger’s

This boutique hotel equips you with the latest technology expected by today’s consumer,  while still putting comfort and relaxation at your fingertips. Fitger’s feels like a classic old world experience, but also offers modern amenities.  With the pandemic, we have introduced agile changes to our workflow and cleaning protocols, and added creative options to a variety of our services to preserve this balance.

A different Vacation Experience

While large hotels can be simply a place to sleep, the Fitger’s Inn is a boutique hotel that offers much more than that. Instead of you looking to escape from the hotel, the hotel itself can be your perfect getaway. Housed in a historic building with upscale shopping, our boutique hotel offers experiences that you can usually only find outside of large hotels. You can enjoy a more relaxing vacation and explore the beauty that Duluth has to offer.

Higher Value

Although not all boutique hotels are cheap, the Fitger’s Inn offers incredible value. Boutique hotels are generally smaller but they have character and unique characteristics that stand out from the crowd.  However, it’s not just the small size and personal care that inspires this type of hotel. Here you can expect a little more luxury than most places like his and hers bathrobes and even whirlpools in some of our suites. Our boutique hotel is located in a scenic location in the midst of the beautiful nature of the North Shore in scenic Duluth, MN.

You don’t only get a relaxing and peaceful stay, but also an opportunity to discover the spectacular nearby attractions, including The Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum, Art in the Alley, the Canal Park area and the Lakewalk.

The Ideal Stay

The Fitger’s Inn offers relaxation and intimacy that you will not find easily. Our architecture is oriented to create an exclusive atmosphere of harmony, based not only on the facilities and details but also on the local environment. So, if you are planning an unforgettable vacation in Duluth, MN, you are in good hands at a boutique hotel like the Fitger’s Inn. Give us a call or click on the left and book your luxury suite today!