Looking for a luxury hotel with history and character?  Look no further than the Fitger’s Hotel in downtown Duluth.  Choosing the right hotel is an essential part of enjoying the perfect vacation getaway or business trip. In choosing the right hotel, we should consider many things, such as location, quality of facilities, services, reputation, and other factors. Nonetheless, if you decide to stay in Duluth’s finest luxury hotel it is guaranteed that you will receive all these things.

Fitger’s Luxury hotel in Duluth, MN, is a TripAdvisor certified luxury hotel with the best on-site gastronomy, a strategic location in the heart of the city, and exclusive access to different activities, relaxation, and spa services. At the Fitger’s hotel, you are sure to have an all-inclusive and luxurious stay where you have nothing to worry about but shopping, eating, sleeping, and relaxing.

Before deciding to take a well-deserved vacation, you should consider where you will sleep during those rest days. Choosing a 4-star hotel is not difficult, think of the stay as a treat for you and your family. When you stay in the Fitger’s 4-star luxury hotel, you will get the best service and an extraordinary experience.

Benefits of staying in a luxury hotel in Duluth, MN

When we travel to get to know a new city, we will find a great variety of accommodation options. We all get tempted by the cheapest options in search of savings. However, this can lead to us missing a whole suite of luxury services that you should treat yourself to after staying at home for months in 2020.

It is even more important if we are traveling as a family. The cheapest accommodations are usually places that do not offer what the Fitger’s Complex offers due to their low cost. The Fitger’s Hotel, one of the finest luxury hotels available in Duluth offers a top quality hotel, plus shopping and dining for the whole family in the Fitger’s Complex.

Why choose a luxury hotel?

What is a luxury hotel?   In Duluth and around the country, hotels get classified with stars according to the characteristics of the hotel. Factors like the quality of the furnishings, facilities and service, appearance, dining and location are part of the elements used to assign this classification.


Therefore, when choosing the place where you will go to rest during your next trip to Duluth, you must consider the hotel’s quality classification and services. Here are some fundamental reasons why you should stay in Duluth’s finest luxury hotel.

The importance of a good bed

Apart from enjoying the exquisitely decorated and spacious rooms, you will have a quality bed to lay down in at the end of the day after having used up your energy touring the city. The Fitger’s Hotel works with the most prestigious mattress brands to guarantee their visitors’ comfort throughout their stay. Our hotel has the best mattresses and bed sets that money can buy, and we keep changing them regularly.  We also follow strict Covid-19 cleaning protocols with our cleaning and hospitality staff.

Complimentary activities and services

Luxury hotels like the Fitger’s Inn usually have additional services and complementary activities that you can enjoy at any time you want. The neat part about the Fitger’s Hotel is it is in the historic Fitger’s Complex. If you are looking to spend a comfy couple days in the comforts of an amazing hotel with eating and shopping right in the same complex, look no further than Fitger’s.

Luxury hotels are not just for sleeping. They provide their customers a series of complementary services adapted to their needs. It is quite common for these to have spa services available with a wide range of relaxation and beauty therapies, outdoor activities, and more.  The Fitger’s Salon and Spa is right in the building.

A Safe Environment

One of the things that luxury hotels excel at is in providing a safe environment. They have highly qualified security personnel and a 24-hour surveillance system. If you want to stay at a completely secure and welcoming place, a luxury hotel will be the best place to stay.

It is unlikely for lower category hotels to worry too much about their guests’ safety or belongings. On the other hand, luxury hotels have a complete surveillance system responsible for maintaining control of the perimeter and facilities.

Wonderful Views

A high-end luxury hotel in Duluth offers you the promise of breathtaking views. In all lakeside rooms, the architects of the Fitger’s Hotel used the environment to create an impressive visual experience looking right at the lake. From the cityside windows, you can enjoy beautiful views of the downtown areas and the landscapes around you, which is an experience well worth it. You can find Duluth’s wonderful Canal Park just a ten-minute walk on the lakewalk.

High-Quality Restaurants

The greatest joy for a traveler is good food, which becomes a complicated matter for hotels saturated with visitors. Good quality cuisine is something that you cannot miss in luxury hotels. The Fitger’s Complex contains three restaurants – the Fitger’s Brewhouse for casual fare, Mexico Lindo for Tex-Mex and a fine dining restaurant called The Boat Club.

You will not have to go too far from your location to eat well. These restaurants have renowned chefs responsible for offering dishes with spectacular flavors for each of their guests. If you are a lover of good gastronomy, do not hesitate to try one of these places.

Top Quality Hospitality

The entire team responsible for customer service is selected under strict parameters to ensure that they are available and at your service at all times. They can offer you advice on the most popular Duluth attractions and recommend some hidden gems as well. Friendly and attentive service is always delivered with a smile.

Spending a few nights in a splendid luxury hotel in Duluth means taking your lifestyle to a new level. It is one of those little luxuries that we all deserve, especially when it comes to family or vacation for a couple after an exhausting season of work commitments.


You might not want to exercise during your holidays. In such a case, other activities that luxury hotels offer are ideal for you to relax, such as visiting the Fitger’s Salon and Spa or the Fitger’s Bookstore. The many businesses in the Fitger’s Complex can provide you with comfort and quality during your stay, including a comprehensive range of services from start to finish.


Your room comes loaded with many amenities and everything you probably need. The hotel provides this luxury for greater enjoyment during your stay in these facilities. Basic amenities include robes, slippers, coffeemakers, plasma televisions with many channels, spacious desks, minibars, plenty of towels, high-quality bath amenities with hot tubs, and a lot more.

An Investment in You

By choosing the Fitger’s luxury hotel in Duluth, you are investing your money wisely because it comes with a promise of exceptional services. It offers an extraordinary experience with classically beautiful and historic rooms, quality furniture, and a very cozy atmosphere. You also get access to other additional services, such as Wi-Fi access, drinks, breakfast, and much more.

Strategic location: Downtown Duluth

Since a luxury hotel leaves nothing to chance, you usually find these hotels in beautiful places in the city with access to the main tourist attractions in the area. If the destination is the lake, the North Shore, the Lakewalk and Canal Park, you have direct access to them.  This all adds up to a great experience and memorable trip for you and your family.


In this article, we covered some important things to think about when choosing a quality hotel.  The stresses and strains of today’s environment can exhaust you. A short stay at Duluth’s finest luxury hotel is the perfect way to escape from all the stress at work and home.  The Fitger’s Inn allows you to take your lifestyle to a higher quality and comfort level. Moreover, this luxury hotel goes out of their way to accommodate you and any special requests, such as marriage proposals and other romantic occasions, birthdays, and more. If you’re looking for a luxury hotel in Duluth, MN, staying in the Fitger’s Historic Lakefront Hotel will offer you an unbeatable experience.

We hope this article has given you some good reasons to look at the Fitgers Inn for your next stay in Duluth MN.  Feel free to call us at 218-722-or make an online reservation by clicking on the left panel.